Massage Treatments



Swedish Massage

Traditional Swedish massage uses long gliding strokes to increase circulation and melt your stress away. When we're done, you'll be re-energised and ready to face the world!



With a combination of stretches and DEEP tissue work, we can formulate a treatment plan designed specifically to keep you at peek performance level.



Using stretches, gentle rocking and pressure along the meridians, the goal is to get your energy flowing smoothly and to reconnect the mind and body to work as one.



All of the changes your body goes through during that nine month stretch call for a little more attention to Mommy. With various techniques, we'll address all the aches and pains, all the while keeping your baby safe and relaxed.



Reflexology is a massage done to the feet, hand and ear that stimulates reflexes throughout the body. This is a fantastic way to heal troubles areas without having to put pressure on any painful areas.


Chair massage

A great way to motivate your office to be more productive. Let me set up in a common space at your business and let me help you give back to your hard working staff.